Walk with a Roman Soldier

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AMA recently enjoyed a day out with Gambax and Fullatrix; two very knowledgeable Roman soldiers from Wild Dog Outdoors, a local company who provide organised walks and talks at Cawfields on the ancient monument that runs from Bowness to Wallsend. Despite the windy conditions, the team had a great time and learnt a huge amount from the excellent acts and lectures from Gambax and Fullatrix, they even told us things about architecture as we can’t be expected to know it all.


After the walk back along the vallum (the ditch seen in picture) we all head to the Red Lion at Newbrough for some drinks and soem excellent warm and hearty food. A great day so huge thanks to Sara, Kev and Joe. You can find out more about Wild Dog Outdoors at http://www.wilddogoutdoors.co.uk/hiking-destination (shameful plug, but it is brilliant!)