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India Trip 2012

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Iain Murphy and Ollie Currie at Delhi airport on their way back from a seven-day trip to India, which was sponsored and organised by Mr Dave Ladhar of the Ladhar Group.

They are pictured with Ian Walker of Walter Thompson Construction Limited and Michael Ladhar from the Ladhar Group.  Of particular importance was a visit to The Golden Temple in Amritsar, the stunning and most well-known Gurdwara in India.

For many in the group this was their first visit to India and several days were spent in the Punjab before travelling to Delhi for the remainder of the trip.  The colours, the commotion and, most importantly, the culture of India were brought vividly to life in a trip that will remain a memory highlight for years to come

AMAtects – November 2012

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As an Architect, I’ve been designing Care Homes for a long time, now, and I’m still learning!

It seems obvious, but it’s really important to remember that the end product is going to be someone’s actual ‘home’.  Most of our Care Homes have to be adaptable to cope with all kinds of care needs but, increasingly, the needs of dementia sufferers have to be considered.  From a design point of view, this means that careful attention must be paid to the materials and finishes used in Care Homes.

Since 2003, when Stirling University launched their Dementia Studies for Professionals working in the field of old age and dementia, the University has been one of the leading authorities on dementia and how to care for people suffering from it.  They give guidance on how to provide a suitable environment for people with dementia, rating the suitability level as bronze, silver or gold.

I attended one of their open courses in 2005, and another one more recently with Katherine and, while some theories remain just that, many more are being put into practice by more and more Care Providers, and certainly by those that we work with.

With more than 800,000 people in the UK already suffering from dementia, and the figure predicted to double in the next generation, The Alzheimer’s research Trust and Oxford Dementia 2010 consider that dementia is the greatest medical challenge of our age, beyond even that of cancer and heart disease. Read more…

New Staff at Alston Murphy Associates

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David Kershaw left the Practice at the beginning of October after a ten year association.

Julian Thompson has now joined us and comes with an interesting and varied background in different areas of design.   He’ll be a valuable asset to the Practice and we look forward to a working with him.

Graduates Get Experience with Alston Murphy Associates Limited

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News network Bdaily recently asked our Head of Practice Iain Murphy for his views on what graduates bring to SMEs, and why Alston Murphy Associates continues to invest in them. You can read the full piece here: