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Professional Pride!

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I enjoyed the series ‘Professional Master Chef’ on television and I was struck by something the judges said when commenting about two of the semi-finalists.  They had been highly impressed with the dishes the chefs had presented and Michel Roux Junior remarked that, despite their very obvious skill, neither chef exhibited any arrogance or conceit.  Monica Galetti replied that they didn’t need to, because their work spoke for them.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve often found that the most arrogant or self-important people are those who have least to commend them.  It’s as if they know they have to compensate for their lack of ability or knowledge or skills by trying to make you feel inferior or less able than they are.  I’ve listened to people confidently spout facts and information, which makes them sound very knowledgeable, and I know that they’re just parroting what other people have told them – even what I’ve told them, sometimes!  I can only assume they don’t realise that most people can see through them!

Of course, we all pick up information and knowledge from various sources – hopefully we never stop learning – but we don’t need to be overbearing or bumptious about what we know.

The other interesting comment that Michel Roux Junior made was that letting their work represent their skill and knowledge showed the chefs’ professionalism.  I like that idea -and I find it so relevant in my working life.  I’ve referred before to the huge changes in working practices since I started out as a young and very green Architect, how so many contracts used to be agreed on a handshake and how the world has ‘progressed’ to the tomes that constitute modern contract documents.  But the true professional, in whatever field, is the person who knows what they’re talking about and what they’re doing.  They’re the person who’s happy to share that skill and knowledge with their Client to reach the best solution / end result.  As a professional, that’s my goal; I want my work to speak for my skill and knowledge, be it in designing, be it consulting with or advising a prospective Client.  I’d like to think that even people who don’t like me personally would still recommend me as an Architect because of the knowledge and skills I have.  Put it this way: if I need a brain surgeon and I have the choice of a very skilful and experienced surgeon who I can’t stand, or one that I like but whose reputation as a surgeon is not, let’s say, so established, I’ll go with the person I don’t like!  Obviously, I’d explain to my friend why he was passed over!



  • relating to or belonging to a profession
  • worthy of or appropriate to a professional person; competent, skilful, or assured
  • engaged in a specified activity as one’s main paid occupation rather than as an amateur


  • a person engaged or qualified in a profession
  • a person competent or skilled in a particular activity
  • a person engaged in a specified activity … as a main paid occupation rather than as a pastime

On that affirmative note, I wish everyone reading this a very Happy, restful and invigorating Christmas and a prosperous New Year  – all the things I wish for myself, in fact!

Bowling Wars – The Peat Strikes Back – Episode I

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The AMA team enjoyed a night out at the new Lane 7 haunt where there was a feeding frenzy of American cuisine (burgers, ranch and smoke style), consumption of Granpa’s cough medicine made of Hops and Barley circa 5% and some fine boulevard bowling. James ‘the Power’ Peat nicked it by 1 from Ollie ‘Curveball’ Currie in the grand final and are all set for Episode II in 2014!Social-Lane-7-Bowling

Brookfield prepares for Christmas

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Northern Construction Services progress well with the 4 bedroom extension and other alteration works at Lazenby, but have opted to leave residents feeling warm and cosy for Christmas by leaving the wall in place rather than knocking through. The team are working well and we’re sure looking forward to the Christmas break.

New Crown Care Home opens in Selby

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Crown Care Group have opened the next set of doors in their increasing portfolio with the completion of the first phase of the Selby site. The 74 bedroom Care Home, formally known as Osborne House, was completed by Brims Construction and took its first residents within the first week. The scheme of brick and render sits in close proximity to the railway lines, offering the residents the opportunity of watching the trains go by daily, whilst offering full sound and vibration resistance. The remainder of the site is in design stage.


Crown Care Home in Selby – Journal article

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The business section of The Journal recently featured another AMA designed Care Home. The practice were the Architect/Contract Administrator on the scheme in Yorkshire, built by the principal contractor Brims Construction. It is due to open its doors iminently. See the full article through the below link.