Gurdwara – Sikh Temple

Situated between Cottenham and Buckingham Street, opposite the original Sikh temple, the new Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha is a fantastic new addition to the cityscape and ongoing development around the former Breweries site.

The design of the building itself takes on a fairly traditional form, with challenges from some contemporary detailing. It achieves this by combining brick columns and plinths, domes and a stone balustrade against crisp rendered projections with a large curtain wall opening. The brick itself is also a more contemporary selection to move the building away from being an imitation of a traditional temple. The building makes numerous elegant references to the historical and religious importance within its walls through the corner piers, stone capping, finials, gold Khanda symbols and Punjabi script. These traditional architectural features of the Sikh religion have been designed with a contemporary adaptation, allowing the building to establish a place in the 21st Century, for Sikhism in Newcastle upon Tyne.