City Wall Circuit

The concept and driving force behind the forgotten space of the walls, identifies a method of responding to their importance and demise. By creating an ‘entire unit’ as the walls once were we can retrace as near as possible the line of the walls for all to see and most importantly, in its context of modernism. The circuit maps the Town Walls and offers accessible interaction that allows us to celebrate the infrastructure and development that once destroyed the wall, acknowledging both their importance in the 21stCentury.

The circuit aims to achieve numerous goals through a historic and sensitive integration programme. LED installations guide the cars and allow visitors to see the route. At points of interest around the wall, a contrasting colour beam is fired upon pulsing and it stays on to identify to the spectators the location of an existing section. The City Wall Circuit offers huge scale and small costs and provides a cost relative means to generate tourism, cultural interest, sustainable motorsport and a map of the city walls. It reminds us of the forgotten space within the old fortress.